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Arise cry out in the night at the beginning of the watches!
Pour out your heart like water before the presence of the Lord

- Lamentations 2:19 -

Shalom Night Vigil

Every first Friday, the whole of Shalom family gather together to pray for the world. On the still silence of the night, we offer before the Blessed Sacrament all the prayer intentions coming to us through post, phone, e-mail and fax. Simultaneously, special prayer service for the public is conducted within the office of Shalom.

On First Friday 6th February 2015
Time : 5.30 PM to 11.00 PM
Ph:+91-496-2664600, Fax: +91-496-2664680, Exclusive for Prayer: +91 496 2664664
Peruvannamoozhi, Kozhikode, Kerala State, India


Night Vigil Held on 02 January 2015


Third stage blood cancer healed completely

In January 2012, I was found with third stage blood cancer. During the chemotherapy at Regional Cancer Centre, bleeding started profusely and doctors were unable to diagnose the problem. At this very serious juncture, my family requested for your prayers through which God did a miracle for me. He immediately healed the bleeding and gradually healed me completely of my blood cancer! Thank you Jesus.

Shaly Jose, Calicut

Got a job offer and permanent Residency

I am Jithu. I came to Canada on a student VISA. It was really a hard time as we are not legally allowed to work. The VISA was for one and half years. The VISA got expired and again I applied for VISA and Wrote CRNE but I could pass the same. I was totally lost and depressed. The VISA was getting expired and I wrote a letter to Night Vigil. With the grace of Jesus my savior in 2012 February I got a job offer and permanent Residency. Thank you Jesus fro bringing back my smile. Thanks a lot to Shalom Team.

Jithu James, Canada

Intentions were fulfilled through the Night Vigil prayers

I had requested prayers to the Night Vigil with a title ‘A mother’s grief.’ I would present all the intentions of mine in the letter and pray during the Night Vigil. My intentions were; my son’s salary was put on hold for four years. His marriage had many blocks. I had to sell a piece of land in the town. All the intentions were fulfilled through the Night Vigil prayers. The Lord also allowed us to buy some land near the parish Church and build a house there. I thank the Lord for His great mercy over our family.

Elsy Jose, Pachady, Idukki

Blessed with a baby

Our elder daughter Pinky Sharon had no children even after ten years of married life. We had been praying with Night Vigil for years. The Lord showed His miracle working power and blessed her with a baby. Her name is Joanna. We thank the Lord and praise Him for this great miracle took place in our family.

Thomas M.T, Sharjah, UAE


Everyday we raise our prayers before the Blessed Sacrament for everyone who makes prayer requests to us through post, phone, e-mail and fax. Our prayer encompasses everyone in the world including the political leaders, officers, the sick and the bed-ridden, the orphans, the poor and the needy, the persecuted and the lonely, and for the conversion of those engaged in underworld activities, the peace of the world, the Church leaders, prayer intentions of emergency nature such as Tzunami, earthquake, wars, flood etc

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