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Shalom offers a wide range of spiritual programming that caters the whole world. Shalom enriched with programs that will ease your heart and motivational programs help you to stay fresh at any time.

Shalom TV

Carry our devotions and prayers always with you.

Live TV: Shalom Television is a 24/7 Catholic charismatic channel, a spiritual feast reaching millions of homes across the globe. The app provides live streaming of Shalom India and Shalom America which telecasts programs for all ages, including inspiring talks by leaders of the Catholic charismatic renewal, daily Eucharist celebrations, interviews with the clergy, devotionals and Christian programs for the youth and kids.

Tune to Shalom’s Web Radio!

Shalom Web Radio helps you to be attuned to the word of God. Presenting spiritually motivating programmes, soothing music and prayers that will help you stay spiritually fresh throughout the day.

The monthly spiritual magazine Malayalam Language contains testimonials, God experiences and conversion stories that instill faith and devotion in human hearts.