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Shalom Radio is a breath of fresh air, which touches your heart. Start praising the glory of God. Sing and make music in your heart to lord.

Listen for God’s voice for everything you do and everywhere you go; He is the one that will keep you on track. The voice of God become more evident when we invite his presence into our lives, which allow Holy Spirit to work in us. Have a spiritual ears tuned in so we can respond to what God is telling us. Put yourself in the hands of God and listen to his voice in the depth of your hearts.

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The sound is a universal revelation which evolved and influenced mankind on a very large scale. The magic of frequencies of sound arranged in harmony later created music and was the foremost reason for harmony in Mankind. Every creature in this word is been born with inherited ability in music, which is the only reason for happiness we feel in every bit of music we hear. We welcome every one of you to embrace that very same revelation of music with Shalom Radio.

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