About Publications

Helping families and communities grow stronger in faith, our publications offer spiritual guidance to millions, leading them towards true devotion to Christ. The inspiring testimonials and heart touching conversion stories of individuals can elevate your relation with God to the next level. The articles carried in our newspaper, educates the faithful on the updates in the Catholic Church, calling them to stay united.


Shalom Times

The monthly spiritual magazine Malayalam Language contains testimonials, God experiences and conversion stories that instill faith and devotion in human hearts.


Subscription Rates: Rs.20 (Single Issue), Rs.220 (Annual Subscription)


Sunday Shalom

Sunday Shalom, Sunday weekly newspaper, covering the latest happenings in the Catholic Church and the world over.


Subscription Rates: Rs.10 (Single Issue), Rs.250 (Annual Subscription)

Only Indian Edition


Shalom Tidings

Shalom Tidings is a Catholic magazine in english language that features inspirational testimonies, stories of personal God experiences, conversion experiences, and more.


Subscription Rates: Rs.25 (Single Issue), Rs.300 (Annual Subscription)

Only Indian Edition