Here is a golden opportunity for world evangelization... A fellowship that renders new meaning and vision to your spiritual life... A fellowship that provides you complete prayer support and co-operation... Finally, you become part of the Shalom Family and enjoy all the spiritual rewards of Shalom.


Israel was chosen by God to bless the whole world. Similarly in this modern time's God has chosen very specially the Malayalees for world evangelization. As a result the Malayalees were attracted to almost every state in India and to almost every foreign country. Following this God aroused the spirituality in the Malayalee through the Charismatic Renewal. Today this renewal is fast spreading through the Malayalees to all places such as Europe, America, Africa, and the Gulf and to other Middle East countries. This is God's wonderful plan.

Malayalees in different countries wish to do something for the kingdom of God. And of course some are working individually. Unfortunately the lack of a proper vision has made their work fruitless. Prayer groups and communities started with much enthusiasm have turned slack. The absence of a supporting community has caused many to lose their enthusiasm.

It was at this juncture that Shalom was inspired by God to form a fellowship of those people who had supported the ministry all these years, through prayers, financial contributions and spreading of the Shalom publications. Thus came forth “Shalom Peace Fellowship.”

Shalom Peace Fellowship is a community of people with a common vision for the Lord and His Gospel. As an individual we may not be able to do much for the Lord. But a mighty transition occurs when we work together in the ministry. Things that was once impossible for big personalities and institutions can be accomplished through the honest and committed work of small loving communities of ordinary people. Even impossible things are possible if the energy, money and prayer that were scattered are directed towards a clear and common end directed by our Lord. Here lies the relevance of SPF.

Take for instance a person who spends Rs.1000 every month towards evangelization activities. There is a limit to the extent of work that can be done using that money. On the other hand, if 100 rupees is collected from thousand people every month towards a common goal with a clear vision, we get one lakh rupees for evangelization activities. Therefore the person who had contributed only Rs.100 is also doing evangelization work worth Rs.1 lakh. In the same way, when 1000 people pray together for an impossible task, our lives gain much spiritual strength. Therefore, we welcome all Malayalees to become part of this evangelization fellowship to do great things for God.

For the spiritual growth and awakening of the members in the fellowship a bulletin titled “Shalom Messenger “ would be sent to the members free of cost. The contents of the magazine would be regarding the experiences and ministry of the members in different countries and regions.

The Members

Anyone can become members of this fellowship. They should have an earnest desire for world evangelization and the kind-heartedness to support Shalom financially by contributing at least a small part of their tithing. Any member can take leave from the fellowship as and when he wills. Moreover the person must be willing to pray to the various ministry of shalom and for all the members in the fellowship.

Our Mission

Start ing publications towards invoking spiritual awakening and evangelization spirit, in every prominent language and country. (Shalom would lend support in every way to begin publication under the initiative of the fellowship members of the respective countries)

  • Starting TV channels and Radio stations exclusively for preaching of the Word of God in different languages. We presently have a 24x7 hours Malayalam gospel channel named Shalom Television
  • To use all possiblites of internet like webcasting, podcasting etc.
  • To enhance and maintain the existing ministries and activities of Shalom.
  • To create a worldwide intercessory network.
  • To mould the members towards different ministries such as preaching, intercession, leading, prayer groups, charitable work etc.

The Mode of Work

After the initial establishment of SPF regional chapters will be opened to enable the participation of the SPF member in the Church activities under the banner of Shalom. Regional chapters would be given copyrights of Shalom publications to be published in their respective regional languages.

Be with Us

If God anoints a ministry, then those who support and co-operate with that ministry would also receive that anointing.

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